As you can imagine, I love animals.

Dr. Kristin Varik’s passion for horses started at an early age.

She originally rode donkeys on her uncle’s farm, progressing to camps and regular lessons. Since then she has worked her way up from local schooling shows to competing on the A circuit here in Ontario as well as down in the States. Throughout high school and university, Dr. Varik worked weekends at the farm to pay for board and lessons. During the summers she would groom at every show possible in exchange for being able to compete. While attending the University of Guelph for Biological Science, she brought Roxy, her first horse, with her.

After graduating with Honours from the University of Guelph, Dr. Varik continued on to the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College; she graduated in 2013. Since graduating from CMCC she has furthered her education by becoming certified in Animal Chiropractic at the Veterinary Chiropractic Learning Centre, it is here where her professional passion lies. Dr. Varik is committed to continuing education in order to better her abilities.

Tara Williston

Within two minutes riding Darcy yesterday I could feel a night and day difference. His rib cage was so responsive and his neck was so loose. He was also jumped the snot out of every fence in our lesson - we both had so much fun. You have the magic touch. Thank you.

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Kristin is happy to listen to what a rider FEELS, and as a good rider and astute horseperson herself, can translate that into a treatment program under which the horse thrives.

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You would be hard-pressed to find someone as dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic about providing care for our equine partners.

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Since that initial treatment, we have had Kristin work on a number of our horses with great results, and she has become an integral part of our program. We have recommended her to other horsemen as well who have also had similar results.

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I trust Dr. Kristin Varik explicitly with my horses and my clients horses and would highly recommend her to complement any quality equestrian program.

She has had her horse Roxy for 10 years and has had a hand in Roxy’s training since she was born. These days, Roxy is a proud mother to  Colby by Landkonig. Kristin hopes Colby will follow in her mom’s footsteps and be a great competition partner. In 2016, she adopted Jack, an active border collie/lab cross.

She is a well-rounded equestrian who understands that horses are much more than just athletes and need to be treated as such. Her special relationship with her own horses has solidified the notion that horse and rider are a team; a partnership. It is her firm belief that they must have access to the same great standard of care in order to thrive.