Happy No-Stirrup November

Happy No Stirrups November! No Stirrup November has become increasingly ‘popular’. (Though not usually enjoyed by riders, it is becoming more participated in 😉). While working on yourself, remember that riding without stirrups constantly (after not doing so for some time, or not consistently) may put more stress on your horses back. Make sure that you are not causing discomfort in your horse. Remember, if you are becoming sore, there is a good chance your horse may be as well. […]

Exciting Continuing Education opportunity!

Hey Everyone! I will be out of town from November 7-19. ✈️ I am attending the International Vet Chiro Association annual conference in Dublin followed by a 4 day advanced continuing education course in Newcastle UK. 📚 As always, I’m excited to learn how to better treat these amazing animals. As this is halfway through the Royal, please plan accordingly for horses showing and book your appointments ahead of time. Have a great Fall! 🍂🍁

A great Article about Biomechanics!

This article is a great one, although a little long! If you want to understand equine musculature/saddle fit/ biomechanics of riding etc give this one a look! https://christinakeim.wordpress.com/2015/12/08/hilary-clayton-biomechanical-interactions-amongst-the-rider-the-tack-and-the-horse/