“Kristin had been working on Karizmuh since Nov 2016. When I first contacted her she was able to get out to see my mare within a few days ! Which was so nice ! And since that time anytime I have needed her she has been able to make the time to come out and look after her within days of me asking ! My mare is a “special one” and a lot of times things are not easy to figure out , but Kristin takes the time to make sure we can make her comfortable and happy inner work !
Kristin is very thorough , she watched Karizmuh on the lunge doing transitions , and during a really difficult to diagnose time she spent the extra time to watch her under saddle and then give a thorough adjustment and laser treatment. I highly recommend Kristin to anyone who needs a chiropractor for their horse !”

-Terra Van Manen

“Dr. Kristin Varik stands apart from the rest (other equine chiropractors) because of her first hand knowledge of horses and equestrian sport. She is comfortable and confident around a 1500 lb animal, and because of her experience, she is able to recognize signs of a horse experiencing discomfort. She understands horses and thus is able to see subtle differences that would be lost on an untrained eye. This is obvious when she critiques a horse’s movement and can recognize strengths and weaknesses. Because of her equestrian sport knowledge, Dr. Varik can knowledgeably discuss riding issues to help understand the full extent of a problem. I trust Dr. Kristin Varik explicitly with my horses and my clients horses and would highly recommend her to complement any quality equestrian program.”

– Brooke Porter-Nadolny, Luxe Farms

“We had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Varik for the first time this year. We asked some of fellow horse professionals for recommendations and Kristin’s name came up repeatedly so I called to set up an appointment.
Now to give some context to this testimonial, I have personal experience with chiropractic treatment but have never had it applied to our horses. At the time my own back was badly in need of adjustment, but like many other horse people, I just never seem to make the time to make appointments for myself! My hands would often go numb while riding, sometimes after only 1/4 mile, also while driving, sleeping or grooming, and I also had a sharp pain in my lower neck/upper back that was progressively making riding any amount almost impossible.
We also had one horse in particular that was sound and in good health but just not training the way I thought she could – namely she was rooting her head, almost continuously when riding, and traveling very heavily on her forehand. I know how my chiropractic helps me, so I was curious to see if it would do the same for our horses.
I contacted Kristin and set up an appointment for as soon as possible. This was the perfect scenario for me! I could have my own back adjusted without having to leave the farm AND hopefully find another therapy to help out four legged athletes.
The end result for me was amazing! I was able to ride pain free again and after a few follow up adjustments, and some stretching instructions from Kristin, the numbness in my hands is almost 100% diminished.
As for the horse, I can’t tell how how much of a difference the adjustment made! This horse, that was rooting almost non-stop, trained 1/2 mile jogging and 1/2 mile galloping AND walked all the way home without rooting once. She was freer in both her front and hind end and carried herself the entire time without argument.
Since that initial treatment, we have had Kristin work on a number of our horses with great results, and she has become an integral part of our program. We have recommended her to other horsemen as well who have also had similar results.
It is always a pleasure having her in the barn!
Thank you Kristin for all you do!”

– Kim Ito, DK Racing

“Kristin Varik simply does amazing work. I switched from using a very expensive vet/chiro to Kristin one year ago. My mare and I had our best season EVER in 2017. Kristin is happy to listen to what a rider FEELS, and as a good rider and astute horseperson herself, can translate that into a treatment program under which the horse thrives. My chestnut mare has spoken: no one else will do!”

– Stephanie Inglis

Dr. Varik is a patient, professional health care provider. She will work closely with veterinary diagnoses and recommendations, but will also be able to quickly and accurately determine key areas of pain, weakness, and stiffness. As a competitive rider for many years, she understands the impact of our sport and is keenly aware of the challenges and possible injuries. Each horse is carefully treated with kindness, patience and compassion. She has made a noticeable difference for my personal horse, and on dozens of horses owned by my clients.

I am quick to recommend Dr. Varik because I trust what I see—results. I also see Dr. Varik for my personal Chiropractic needs, and I know how much better I feel, which gives me confidence for how much better my horse feels, too.

You would be hard-pressed to find someone as dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic about providing care for our equine partners. Whether you are proactive or reactive in seeking treatment for your horse, Dr. Varik can help treat your horse and provide tips and exercise specific to the individual horse’s strengths and needs.

While I cannot prove it, I suspect that Dr. Varik may be a magician.

– Val Shaw

Within two minutes riding Darcy yesterday I could feel a night and day difference. His rib cage was so responsive and his neck was so loose. He was also jumped the snot out of every fence in our lesson – we both had so much fun. You have the magic touch. Thank you.

– Tara Williston